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Promoting Health and Hygiene


Covid-19 Coronavirus

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Covid-19 is a new illness that can affect the lungs and airways. It is caused by a virus called Coronavirus.

Symptoms can be mild, moderate, severe or fatal.

Policy Statement

Maryland will adhere to government directions in response to Covid-19 to minimise, as much as is reasonably possible, the risk of catching and spreading Coronavirus to children, staff, parents and any other visitors who physically come into contact with the preschool. 



    Stringent hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds, will take place for staff, children and any other persons attending Maryland. Hands will be dried with disposable towels.
•    Staff will wash their hands-on arrival and departure at Maryland, and regularly throughout the session, including when prior to fitting gloves to prepare food.
•    When the children arrive, they will be taken by their allocated staff member to wash or sanitise their hands and explain the hand washing procedure. The children will also wash their hands after coming in from the garden, before eating, after toileting and prior to being collected.
•    Staff will explain the coughing and sneezing process: to catch coughs and sneezes in tissues, to Catch-it, Bin-it, Kill-it, and to avoid touching face, eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands. If tissues are not to hand, sneeze or cough into elbow. 
•    Gel sanitisers will be placed in areas where washing facilities are not readily available.
•    Snack will be prepared prior to the start of the session by a member of staff wearing a mask, disposable apron and gloves. The children’s snack will be placed on individual plates on a tray and served by their dedicated staff member. Washing-up of snack and kitchen cleaning will be carried out by support staff.
•    Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of objects and surfaces will take place regularly, particularly in areas of high use such as door handles and light switches, using appropriate cleaning products and methods.
•    Toys will be restricted to those that are easy to clean, therefore excluding cloth and soft toys and those with intricate parts.
•    Children must not bring in any toys or comforters from home.
•     Toys and equipment will be cleaned each day and where possible rotated every 72-hours. This will reduce the likelihood of the virus being present.
•    Only plastic tablecloths and washable floor mats will be used, where necessary.

Social distancing

•    There will be a reduced number of children able to attend Maryland due to social distancing. Key workers, safe guarded children, those with SEND, any other vulnerable children and the oldest group that will soon be going to school, will be prioritised.
•    There will be groups of children allocated to specific staff members.  
•  Although arrival and departure of children is no longer staggered social distancing practices will be in operation.  2-metre spacing will be in place outside the premises for guidance. 
•    Parents/carers may not enter the building. Children will be received by their allocated staff member outside the property at the side door. If parents wish to speak to a member of staff, an appointment will be made and conducted via telephone.
•    No other persons will be permitted to use the building or the garden until further notice. Church staff will use their own door to enter their area and will only use Maryland’s office for photocopying when the Manager is not on the premises.



•    A daily routine will be implemented to question parents/carers about the health of the child and others in the household. If Covid-19 related symptoms are present or suspected, then Maryland will decline the child.
•    The upper room will be used to isolate a child who may become ill during a session.
•    Parent/carer must be rung immediately if a child becomes ill and asked to collect them. Staff who look after an ill child must wear PPE if there is a delay in their collection. We will dispose of PPE in a double sealed plastic waste bag, stored in a secure place for 72 hours then placed in the Biffa bin in the car park. 
•    If Maryland is advised that a member of staff, a child or their household has developed Covid-19 and were recently on our premises, the Manager will contact the Public Health Authority and take advice on any actions required. The Manager will contact Bucks County Council for further guidance.
•    As Key Workers, the staff  will take a lateral flow test twice a week.
•    Management will promote mental health and wellbeing awareness to staff during the Coronavirus outbreak and will offer support.

Legal Framework

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Further Guidance